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I DARE YOU featuring KevJumba & Jeremy Lin

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@FinnHarries: We met up with @kevjumba in Nairobi. He was one of our inspirations for starting a channel on YouTube. Lovely guy!

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A little catching up to do…

Hello all! It’s been a long while since we’ve updated this thing, and we’re absolutely quite sorry. Most of us have been swept through the winds of reality and are absolutely focused on school and working. It has been quite difficult to update. There have been quite a number of popular questions that we’ve received in our inbox over the long period of time, and it seems like it would be a good time to address them. (at 2am, yay!)

Why has Kevin stopped making videos?
To be honest, we’re not entirely quite sure. Based on the sparse tweets that he’s been posting, it seems has though he’s be doing a lot of work on the school that he helped funded in Kenya. Lots of traveling, yay! He did appear in one of Ryan’s recent videos, in which he, Jeremy Lin, Ryan, and many others participated in a number of dares. You can watch that video here.

Are Ryan/Kevin and ______ still friends? I haven’t seen Ryan/Kevin and ______ in a video together for a long time!
People cross paths at many points in time. At a certain point in time, approximately, a year or two… maybe three years… Ryan/Kevin and _____ have cross paths, which would lead to the many videos being made, and soon the audience gets comfortable. Please know that everyone has his/her own personal lives, and a video of Ryan/Kevin and _____ will come eventually. It might not be right now or in the very close future. Just know that they will happen. It may not be frequent, but it will happen some time in the distant future.

What happened to YTF? 
Although it’s been approximately 2 years that YTF has been performing and doing tours, we know nothing about the current status of YTF. The one assumption that could be thought of is that everyone is busy with their own lives. If the opportunity came up and time was scheduled to do another tour or anything like that, it will happen. 

Is Kevin still in YTF?
According to the YTF Legacy website, Kevin is not a member of YTF. It states on the website, “As many of you know, Kev is currently focusing on other professional interests, and as a result will no longer be collaborating as an active member of YTF. Kev is an amazing talent and dear friend, and will always be a part of the YTF brotherhood. We’ll miss you Kev!”

There were also a lot of personal questions. Please note that we are not Kevin and/or Ryan. We also are not affiliated with them in anyway possible. That means that we don’t know them personally. We may have met them once or twice, but no way are we super close friends with them. We are just fans of them, just like you all. So we don’t know the answers to all the personal questions that you may have for them. Sorry. :(

There’s going to be quite a number of attempts to update this blog on a normal basis. HOPEFULLY. Crossing fingers.

Thanks to all the followers who are still following, and putting up with us. Y’all are awesome!

Less than three! <3

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Anonymous asked: Ryan started putting visual effects in hus videos recently. Do you know by any chance what program he uses?

I think he probably uses Final Cut Pro.

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txpong asked: Where is Kevin now? Why isn't he uploading videos?

Hello hello! Haha yes, Kevin is being pretty secretive with the potential projects that he may be working on at the moment. However, Wong Fu Productions recently instagrammed a photo of one of their current projects. Lo and behold, guess who’s in it? Kevin! Hehe


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