Anonymous asked: what exactly is YTF? ive been a nigahiga and kevjumba fan forever but all these other guys are new to me D:

Hello there! :D

YTF is a group of friends, everyone except the people who forms part of it is unsure about what YTF stands for, though. They’ve kept us wondering for quite a while and yet they haven’t revealed the true meaning of it, LOL. Some say it means YouTube Family or YouTube Friends, others say it means Yesterday, Today, Forever because of a tweet Chester See (a member of YTF) did a couple of days ago (Actually, in today’s broadcast, Ryan and D-Trix said they liked how YTF could mean Yesterday, Today, Forever.) NEVERTHELESS, there isn’t something steady about the meaning of the initials Y,T,F.

BUT, YTF is just a group of friends. A crew, if you will. I don’t know for how long they started to call themselves like that but I know that this year they’ve been stronger than ever! Hahaha. The members of YTF are: Kevin, Ryan, Chester See, D-Trix, Victor Kim, JRAquino, Wong Fu Productions and David Choi.

They’re all in youtube, you can check them out if they’re new to you! All of them are incredibly awesome and talented. (:

- Alex 

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